Forge World Lets Players Place Objects in Three Modes

Though Forge was a big part of Halo 3, which let players generate their own maps for multiplayer play, people did not find it so ideal. The editor is being reinvented by the developers at the Bungie for the forthcoming Halo Reach.

Forge World was made public at the San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place in a massive open world. This is much larger than even the largest maps from any earlier game. The map includes various regions, which ranges from wide open areas to tight indoor scenes. It is a big place with lot of variations in it like it contains mountains, beaches, rocks, plus a small island offshore.

Forge World lets the players place objects in a wonderful way and impressive way. These ways can be divide in three different modes, which are normal, fixed, and phased. The objects will act the same as they acted in Halo 3 in normal mode.

The objects will drop to the ground and they will react in a realistic fashion. The objects will hover in the air in the fixed mode. The players will be able to create structures in the sky, with the help of that.

The players will amalgamate objects together in order to create something new in the phased mode.