Facebook Claims Contract Is Forged

Facebook has released a statement regarding the claims of a man who claimed to have a share of 84% in Facebook and stressed that the contract on which the deal is based is likely to be forged. This response has surprised many people as Facebook normally does not comment about pending legal matters.

Earlier, Facebook was not so sure about this deal and the case has managed to generate a lot of publicity and controversy.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg also denied signing any deal with New York resident Paul Ceglia and dismissed that Paul had any share in Facebook.

Experts feel that now it seems that Paul Ceglia is on a weak foot after denials from both Facebook’s lawyers and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It is also noted that it is not possible for someone to get a stake in a Company, which has still has not been formed.

A case has already been filed in a federal court in New York on July 9 between both the parties. But legal experts feel that this is nothing but an attempt by someone to gain publicity.

Meanwhile, Paul Ceglia is already being sued by New York prosecutors for taking money from his customers but failing to deliver anything or making any refunds.

Facebook CEO has admitted to working for Ceglia in the year 2003 but it was before Facebook was even started.