Bank of Ireland to refund the ATM money to its customers

Bank of Ireland has decided to refund all the forgotten cash at its ATM counter by the customers. There are total 43,000 customers in the Northern Ireland and Republic Ireland who are going to be refunded their cash.

Around 14,000 customers of the total are of the bank itself and they will receive about 1.3 million euros and the rest 29,000 customers are from other banks that had used the Bank of Ireland (BOI) ATMs will be refunded 1.7 million euros. The average estimated refund will be 93 euros in 728 transactions.

BOI ATMs carry out around 17 million transactions per year totaling 1.3 billion dollars. When a customer finishes his transaction and leaves the ATM without his card or cash the machine automatically pulls the left thing in to it after a significant period of time.

The Bank of Ireland has said that about six people per ATM counter walk away from the ATM leaving their cash or card in every year. The bank has pointed this issue at the time of its internal monitoring and wants to take an initiative to refund the cash to the customers.