Economy office of the assembly government to cut 250 jobs in Wales

To stable the economy department of the assembly, a decision has been taken to cut at least 250 jobs in Wales. This cut will cut about a quarter of the manpower and the number of civil servants will reach at 890. The cut in jobs will be probably carried out by voluntary redundancy, departmental transfers and early retirement etc.

According to the assembly government this reduction in jobs would help in the economic renewal programme to be done to make the economy stable. This declaration is not directly associated with the government spending cuts of the UK government.

It will be done only fore Wales as a part of the economic renewal programme and it will also focus on six key sectors including grants to businesses.

Further reductions in jobs are expected from the government after the Treasury department unveils its spending levels. On the other hand the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) have expressed its concerns over this job reduction plan of the government. A spokesman for PCS has said that they are very concerned about the future results of the job cuts as it would affect the work loads and balance of the rest staff.