Ships withdrawn from the Gulf because of the tropical storm

The US government has ordered all the ships to leave the BP oil spill site in the Gulf of Mexico as the tropical storm Bonnie is gathering speed and power.

Adm Thad Allen, the US incident commander has said that, the capping of the damaged well would be on its place even after the ships returned from the gulf. But he also added that the drilling of the relief well would be stopped for at least next two weeks.

According to the US Hurricane Center this tropical storm named Bonnie is the second storm in the Atlantic hurricane season of 2010. The forecast says the speed of wind in the storm will be at 65kms per hour. This storm is expected to reach at the oil spill site early on Saturday.

According to BP this tropical storm could cause a delay of at least two weeks in the plans. As per the Hurricane Center the storm Bonnie has already caused flood in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Haiti and now it is moving towards its north-west.

This storm has stopped the efforts of drilling the relief well by BP, which would permanently heal the problem.