Blood Donors to Be Acknowledged in Award Ceremony in Brisbane

Milestone Donor Awards will be held tomorrow at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, where hundreds of blood donors will gather under one roof. These donors will be acknowledged to save an approximate of 113,253 lives.

From 18 July to 24 July, National Blood Donor Week had been celebrated, and this award ceremony is also a part of this event. There had been numerous donors, who had donated their blood, which saved lives of many people today.

Hamish Fisher, a five years old survivor, who had been suffering from severe leukemia, is a proof of this. He is breathing today because of the blood that he received from Bendigo Donor Centre. Hamish was merely eight years old when he was told by the doctors that he is suffering from an atypical kind of leukemia called juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia.

There are many more examples of such survivors, one of them being, Tali Dunnage-Burke. These blood recipients will also be attending the award function, so that they can meet their life savers. Tali said, “I think a lot about all those wonderful donors who were responsible for helping me survive the long and very painful journey. They gave me my life back and without their gift of blood I wouldn’t be here today”.