Storm Hinders Capping Process at Mexico Oil Spill Site

The Government finally decided that due to the threat of a tropical storm Bonnie, the covering process at the Gulf of Mexico by the BP Plc. will be hindered and, meanwhile, the gusher will be kept sealed in order to stop more leakage.

On Thursday, Retired Coast Guard Admiral and National Incident Commander, Thad W. Allen said that most of the vessels are ready to leave the site as the storm is approaching the Gulf.

Bonnie was formed in Caribbean and turned into a storm yesterday. According to the weather forecasts, the storm will be reaching the well site by Saturday.

The vessels preparing to leave mainly included a drill rig, which is thought to be the main equipment for shutting the well down. It will be leaving after the riser pipe will be completely disconnected and it is said that this process can take up to 12 hours.

Thad Allen also shared that the storm will halt the process of capping the Macondo well by a long time, but that the safety of the residents is of utmost importance.

It is known that the Gulf shoreline is the most at risk due to the storm as it is expected that the winds will push the oiled water to Louisiana, Mississippi and Northeastern Texas.

This permission of leaving the site has been granted after testing for more than six days eased the new spill concerns.