Protests Lead to Arrest of Workers

Even though Karl Frederiksen has been one of the best performing employees at the Hyatt Regency Downtown, he is concerned over the increasing number of temporary employees who are being used as permanent workers.

He stressed that these temporary employees are not given any benefits like health insurance and retirement pay. He considers this highly unfair and wants to do something to correct this thing.

Karl has been trying for many years to form a union at the hotel along with his fellow workers. Even though he wants to join others who are protesting against the hotel, he cannot join them as he risks getting fired by joining the protestors.

The police arrested 41 of these protestors and it included employees from other hotels and City-County Council member Joanne Sanders. These people were charged for obstructing traffic and acts of civil disobedience.

These protests were part of agitations organized by Unite Here workers in 15 cities across the country. The workers were holding protests over reduced working hours and temporary workers who get no benefits and receive very low wages.

Unite Here represents the interests of the hospitality workers. Most of the workers also complain that hotels do not allow them to form a union.

On the other hand, Hyatt officials stressed that they did not stop the hotel employees from forming a union and always cared for their interests and well being.