Sitting Can Decrease Your Lifespan

A new study has found that more the time a person spends in sitting more will it have a direct impact on their life span. People who spend more time sitting are going to have shorter life spans.

Researchers studied more than 120,000 American adults for this study and also analyzed their obesity levels and daily physical activity levels.

Experts feel that this study should encourage people to increase their levels of physical activity. They feel that everyone should understand that even simple things can have a lot of effect on the overall health. They stressed that people need to understand that any type of physical activity is good for their health.

Most of the people are already aware of the benefits of exercise in overweight and obese people.

At the same time, experts claim that the effect of sitting and its impact on overall mortality rates have not been documented. It is already known that a sedentary lifestyle can increase the chances of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart problems. It can also have a bad impact on the health of young children.

Researchers studied 123,216 people that included 53,440 men and 69,776 women who were healthy and did not suffer from any problems. The study was conducted as part of the Cancer Prevention II study conducted by the American Cancer Society.

These people were then followed for a period of 14 years from 1993 to 2006. Most of the people were more likely to die from heart disease than cancer.

People who did not exercise increased their chances of dying significantly. While the risk for women was 94%, it was 48% for men.