FDA Starts Probing Quality Control at J&J’s Third Plant

Manufacturing defects keep on pursuing the global pharmaceutical manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, as the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency started investigating the work of the third Johnson & Johnson plant for another quality control issue.

The work at the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, plant has been put on halt by the FDA after recording a series of problems arousing around the company’s retails and the quality of its products.

On Wednesday, the federal regulators from the FDA announced that they received several complaints from J&J consumers, who contacted the company after finding that their Pepcid bottles included tablets from other products. The consumers’ complaints were mainly focused on J&J’s apathy towards the problem. Some consumers also complained about the drug being ineffective.

As a result, FDA filed a subpoena to ensure the stoppage of the J&J production in that plant and to start further detailed investigations, to find the cause of these massive mess-ups. The federal regulators came to results stating that the plant did not maintain the “scientifically sound and appropriate test procedures designed to assure that drug products conform to appropriate standards of identity, strength, quality and purity".

This plant is the third of the American giant to face the same problem within less than a year.