ACOG Says Vaginal Births after C-Section Are Safe

On Wednesday, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists disclosed that it is safe for women, who have delivered their baby through caesarian earlier, to go for a vaginal birth next time.

The organization also revealed that vaginal birth is also safe for women who have had two C-sections earlier. The process is called VBAC, i. e. vaginal birth after caesarian.

Due to legal hassles, hospital policies insurance limits less vaginal births are occurring. Another factor that contributes to less vaginal births is the convenience of the doctor and the patient.

President of ACOG, Dr. Richard N. Waldman disclosed that the doctors should work together with the patients, hospitals and the insurers so that VBAC is ensured.

If the doctors are committed to the regulations given by the leading body of obstetrics in America then more women can have vaginal births after caesarian.

The guidelines disclose that the final decision regarding VBAC or C-section should be undertaken after discussion with the patient and her health care provider.

Similar suggestions were also given by a National Institutes of Health expert panel in April. Over the previous few years, there has been an increase in the number of C-sections in America.

Experts have revealed that in the previous 40 years the rate of C-sections has risen from 5% to 31%.