Researchers Reveal that Obesity Increases the Risk of Preterm Birth

Researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton have cautioned that the obese women should reduce their weight before getting pregnant. The reason behind it is that obese women have higher chances of giving preterm birth.

The study, which appeared in British Medical Journal, has disclosed that pregnant women have a 30% greater risk of delivering a baby before the gestation period is complete.

The premature babies are at a greater risk of mortality and of many other diseases. The researchers have also disclosed that the risk increases in proportion with the weight of the obese women.

In the study, the researchers focused on 84 studies, which included over a million women.

The researchers studied the data obtained from women who had unplanned preterm births and also women who had induced births.

Unplanned preterm birth implies the cases where the women unexpectedly went into labor whereas in induced birth the doctors induce labor or they conduct a C-section.

The researchers concluded that obese women have a 30% higher risk of delivering premature baby before 37 weeks.

They also discovered that the chances of delivering premature babies before 37 weeks are not much different for obese women as compared to their counterparts whose weight was normal.