Ofcom announces new code of practice to make complaint handling better

Britain’s phone & broadband watchdog Ofcom has announced a new code of practice to make it easier for customers to resolve problems with their mobile network providers.

The Ofcom ruled that mobile network providers must include information about how to resolve complaints on consumers’ paper bills.

The ruling will make mobile network providers obliged to send letters to those customers whose complaints are not resolved within eight weeks, providing them with details of how to voice their complaints through a dispute resolution service.

Speaking on the topic, a spokesperson for Ofcom said, “At the moment each provider has its own complaints code of practice, but we plan on having a central standardised code that everyone will have to adhere to.”

Ofcom CEO Ed Richards said that the regulator wanted to ensure that consumers should find it easily how to make a complaint whenever something goes wrong.

A research shows that around three million consumers failed to resolve complaints with their mobile operators within twelve weeks last year, and seventy-seven per cent of them were unaware of a free resolution service.

The new code of practice will take effect from 22nd of January next year.