Times Online audience comes down by 90%

According to the reports released the Times and Sunday Times have lost up to 90 per cent of their online readership compared to February claims the Bean counters at the Grauniad from the secondary research data out of Experian Hitwise.

It was Josh Halliday report that offered a comprehensive analysis of the data set and claims that the traffic registration of website was reported as low as 84800 that lingers around 1.06 per cent.

It was reported that the total number of people who are paying to access the Times website which now reports to be 46154 a day in comparison to the number of comments on the Times and the Guardian that purely go by the norms of assumptions.

It was further stated that the actual figures quoted is difficult because of reasons such as Rupert Murdoch has pulled the Times out of ABC and it is believed that there are actually five levels of subscription (iPad, paid for printed, free trial, £1 per day, £2 per week)where one can have a number of users at any time.