Apple trackpad gets a nod from US telecom

The US Federal Communications Commission has reportedly given a nod to Apple's new product nick-named the 'Trackpad', tech news site Softpedia reported.

This Apple device which also is popularly termed as Magic Trackpad, Magic Slate, or a Magic Pad, doesn't come with an official name yet the official model number is stated as A1339.

The documents define it to be "Bluetooth Trackpad". Following the FTC approval and the apt testing standards surmounted in October 2009, industry experts claim that the product will soon be released in the recent future.

Tech Blog Engadget who is incharge of personal testing of the device claims that it will allow handwriting recognition.

Also it was added that the multi-touch peripheral crafted for Apple's desktops will offer a better advanced version of the trackpad which are currently being used on MacBook laptops.