Study Claims Less Meat Means Less Weight

A new study has claimed that the lesser is the consumption of meat, the lesser will be the weight gain in individuals.

It was found that those who take high amounts of meat in their diets tend to gain more weight than those who resist the inclusion of meat in their diets, despite eating food rich in same amounts of calories.

The study examined as many as 370,000 people across the Europe for a period of more than 5 years. They found that those who survived on bacon, ham and sausages, gained more than five pounds each, during the study duration.

The researchers were surprised to find that those seeking a slimming effect on their bodies were not able to rely on fad diets rich in proteins.

They found that the best way to ensure the weight loss in most of the participants was shedding the consumption of meat.

“Our results do not support the theory that a high-protein diet prevents obesity or promotes weight loss, contrary to what has been advocated”, said the researchers.

They added that the study is aimed at proving the advantages of shunning the meat-rich diets.

Meanwhile, a number of other researchers are arguing that the findings are not substantial.