Nexus One Fails to Make Impact in Market

HTC’s Android based handset Nexus One failed to compete with the existing high-end phones. Google has stopped its sale because its survival is tough in the presence of rivals like Apple’s iPhone and many others. It should be a learning lesson for the Android smartphones that will be coming in the market in future.

Google was entitled to sell the Nexus One, embedded with OS-Android 2.1 directly, from its online store. T- Mobile, a less competitive wireless carrier, was selected to provide services for the same.

It was expected that with Google selling the Android-based product, it would be a big hit. But that didn’t happen as the market has already been flooded with Android-based smartphones. The new features and capabilities of the OS were the hallmark of the product. But still the product could not make a hit.

Verzion, the largest wireless provider in the United States, was thought to offer a large number of customers for Nexus One. But even that didn’t work, as it has been assumed that T-Mobile was not a good option to work along with Google.

Another reason for the phone’s failure is Google decision to sell the same from its online store only. But, if it would have tried to sell the handsets by establishing a platform with all four major wireless providers, the situation had been much better for Nexus One.