Motorola Files Lawsuit Against Huawei for Stealing Trade Secrets

A lawsuit has been filed by mobile phone manufacturer Motorola against Chinese competitor Huawei, who connived with Motorola’s former employees and two-way radios to steal its trade secrets.

A number of former Motorola employees, including Shaowei Pan and Hanjuan Jin, have been named in the case, who it claimed to be secretly working for the Chinese Company.

It has been claimed by Motorola that Pan left the Company in 2004 to join Lemko and his basic purpose was to transfer the confidential information of the Company to the later. Pan declined any such blame and said that the technologies that Motorola claimed he stole were actually invented by him.

Since 2001, Huawei has been alleged to conspire with the Company’s employees and stealing its private information. In 2003, Cisco Sytems also raised claims against the Company for stealing its router code.

Charlie Chen, Huawei’s Senior Vice President of North American marketing, also nullified the claims and stated that its company has no such relations with Lemko and thus it would defend its company’s reputation.

Motorola filed the lawsuit on the ground of solid evidences, in which the operational data and its product specification documents were found to be transferred to Huawei.