Google Launches a New Image Search Interface

In a massive makeover, Google has redeveloped its image search engine, thus leading to an interface encompassing a thousand of thumbnail images per page, with no texts, faster scrolling and loading and bigger preview. The new technology will dominate Google Search Pages by the end of this week, working on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3.0, and Internet Explorer 7 and 8.

The new search-result page would get rid of the texts found in the past interface, below each image with the image’s source and dimensions. Furthermore, the source web page, launched when a user clicks on an image in the results’ page, is replaced with a full size preview of the image selected whereas the source website will be appearing, dimmed, in the background. The frame of the full-sized image will include an exit box “X”, which, if clicked, will allow the user to surf the originating website.

The new image search technology is accompanied by new Image Search Ads, located only on Google Image Search Page and, according to Google Incorporation, these ads will cost investors the same price as the AdWords ad. This kind of ads will ensure the advertisers that their business is being promoted with impaction, and same costs.