Apple Restores Faith Following 'Antenna-gate'

Steve Jobs, Apple (AAPL) Chief Executive Officer, announcement to distribute plastic cases worth $30 to disgruntled iPhone 4 users on July 16 extended some succor to the Wall Street.

The review of the two- to three-week waiting lists to purchase an iPhone 4, or the so called "Antenna-gate”, has been successful in keeping up the faith and confidence the Apple users have in its devices.

"While growth over the next few years will certainly be slower than it has been over the last few years”, David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, a keen buyer of the company shares, quoted. “AAPL does not appear to have fully penetrated its market opportunities".

Jobs claims that the rationale behind Apple's robust success is that it doesn't stick to specialization of the software used like one witnessed in Microsoft or Google, or hardware like HP or Samsung.

Apple's second-quarter results unveiled on July 20, claimed to have fetched profits worth $3.25 billion along with sales of $15.7 billion. However, analysts had estimated earnings of $2.9 billion while sales were expected to touch $14.7 billion, as per the data compiled by Bloomberg.

Like others, Apple also outsource the assembly of its products, seeking information concerning the perennial source of raw materials.