FDA Panel Recommended Stop the Marketing of Avastin

On Tuesday, the advisory committee of Food and Drug Administration barred the Company to market its breast cancer drug Avastin, as no significant benefits have been found from the use of the drug.

The drug will be allowed to market for brain, lung, colon and kidney cancer, but the authorities of FDA have proposed to stop the drug's marketing for breast cancer.

On Feb. 22, 2008, the Avastin was approved for breast cancer. In the first trial of the drug, it was given to women in combination with another breast cancer drug paclitaxel, which could prevent the growth of the disease for five months, but could not cure it for a lifetime. Though, its marketing got initiated, but the manufactures were recommended to make more clinical trials, in order to confirm the usefulness of the drug.

As per the new studies, the combination of the two drugs can only decrease the time of the progress of the disease by one month, but cannot bet for overall survival. Also, survival could not be projected, as the drug creates certain complications for the women. The committee voted 12-1 against the marketing of the drug.

But the manufacturer of the drug, Roche subsidiary Genentech expressed in a statement that they abide by the data of the drug that they presented before FDA, and they feel that the drug's marketing should be continued.

It has been expected that the agency will announce the formal decision by Sept. 17. The recommendations are not obligatory to be followed.