Modu1- world’s lightest phone

The Modu 1 considered to be the world's lightest phone, as verified by the Guinness World Records is up for sales in UK markets. offering an insight and a link to the validation of the lightest hand-held mobile phone record states: "The lightest mobile (cell) phone is the Modu, which weighs 40.1 g (1.41 oz). It is manufactured by Modu ltd. (Israel) and was launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on 11 February 2008."

With obvious denominations it certainly is a very compact phone that comes with a 1.3 inch display and has a 2GB of memory that is tagged along with an MP3 player, plus Bluetooth.

The unique feature comes with the presence of a range of jackets which can be purchased to alter the phone's appearance and interface. For instance, a "speedy jacket" based on a sports design that looks akin to a race track comes along with the same.

According to the reports from Purelygadgets the phone is priced at £130. However, the jackets will come with an extra £40 or £50 each.

The company is soon looking to expand its market grip with more unique product offerings.