Judges Issue Subpoena to Toyota for Defective Steering

A bench of judges in New York has ordered an inquiry into the complaints coming in from the customers regarding the faults in the steering in a number of Toyota vehicles.

The jury has asked the Company to provide an additional internal enquiry report over the issue, which may see it monitoring its own recall conducted in 2005.

The current subpoena has taken in to consideration an additional problem reported in the vehicles, other than the sudden acceleration issues.

The Japanese giant has already directed as many as 10 million letters of recall worldwide.

The subpoena was directed on June 29, seeking information and explanations on defective or broken steering rods.

The report filings provided by Toyota said that the Company will offer full cooperation to the investigators.

"We'll cooperate with the grand jury request", said Mike Michels, a Spokesman for Toyota.

The Transportation Department reported this May that it has been probing the defects since September 2005 recall, which was triggered after the complaints were made about the steering rods.

The Company had clarified in 2004 that the steering defects were restricted to the vehicles rolled out in Japan itself, told Highway Traffic Safety Administration.