UK iPhone users to receive Dragon Speech apps for free

Software producer Nuance’s two speech-recognition software applications viz. the Dragon Search and Dragon Dictation will soon be available for the Apple iPhone in the UK.

The Dragon Search app will allow users to search the web just by speaking words rather than by typing them on the phone, while the Dragon Dictation app will turn speaker’s words of up to 30 seconds into text.

The Dragon Search and Dragon Dictation apps, which are already available in United States for free, have been submitted to Apple and can be made available soon.

The Dragon Search app will allow users to carry out voice searches on internet search giants and popular social networking sites including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube and Twitter.

Nuance claims that its Dragon Dictation app is five times faster than using QWERTY keypad on the phone. Errors may be corrected by tapping the incorrect word on the screen and choosing the correct word from the list of suggestions.

Nuance has reported 3.7 million downloads of its apps so far in the United States.