Kinect High Price May Work Against it

Even before Microsoft has launched Kinect, serious doubts are being raised about the target audience of the device. Microsoft hopes that casual gamers will also be more likely to purchase this new device. But experts feel that someone who does not even have an Xbox 360 may not be willing to spend money on this device.

It is felt that casual gamers are very different from hard core gamers who are more likely to have a gaming console. They are also more enthusiastic about new games and hardware in the market.

Many feel that the high price of Kinect with an Xbox 360 will put away a lot of people. It is priced at $300 which everyone feels is a very high price.

The price has already been confirmed by Microsoft. But not many people will be willing to spend such a high price as this version of Xbox 360 does not even have a hard drive, which is there in the other versions.

This means that it will be priced almost twice as compared to Nintendo Wii. The popularity of Nintendo Wii among casual gamers in the U. S. market impressed everyone but not many people feel that Kinect will be able to enjoy the same kind of success.

But most of the people who interested in Kinect will be gamers and people who already own Xbox 360 gaming consoles.