Pizza Delivery Boy Turns Saviour of Heart Attack Victim

When Christopher Wuebben, a former paramedic, reached his client George Linn house in the suburban area of Denver with the pizza that the latter had ordered, he heard the scream of the lady in the house as her husband had suffered cardiac arrest.

John Keiley, who is Wuebben’s head in his pizza Company, has informed about this incident. However, Christopher told the woman first about his knowledge of CPR.

"He's a good kid who was very nonchalant about what he did and hopefully this will work out for him”, said Keiley.

Later, the patient was sent to Swedish Medical Center. His condition is still stated to be critical.

Wuebben was laid-off from his paramedic job. This incident has proved to be a turning point for the paramedic, as he is being offered jobs from fire department and a local hospital too.