New York Hit with Bed Bug Infestation

Victoria’s secret store has had its share of troubles recently. The bed bug infestation in the area had resulted in brief closure of the store. However, the store has reopened now.

The Limited Brands Inc. disclosed that the shutdown was helpful in eliminating the bugs from the store.

Recently, there have been many incidences of bed bug infestation in New York. One popular baby store had the same problem, followed by Fitch Company-owned "Hollister" store in SoHo, which had reportedly been shut for a while to counter the spread.

Many of the locations are being checked for the problems.

Legislation was introduced in this regard by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal.

According to sources, in the year 2009, people made around 11,000 calls in regard to bed bugs.

The major problem encountered due to the infestation is the heavy loss of commodities like furniture, clothing etc. Consequently, the shop owners and the people face huge financial losses.

According to another bill, the bedding which has already been returned within 30 days cannot be branded as ‘new’ by the shop owners.

The provisions of the bill include disinfecting the beddings with the use of sanitizers. The bill requires the chemicals used in the process to be tested yearly. Inspections are also carried out on the way the beddings are marketed, stocked and transported.