Dilemma of Parents of ADHD Affected Children

A latest Consumer Reports survey has revealed that medication is not the best way out for children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The drugs can only work as preventives but they may not cure the disease. Around 4.5 million children get affected by ADHD.

The disease occurs when a child is not paid attention by his parents and he has a habit of day dreaming. But when such behavioural characteristics mingle with kid’s life or learning, he suffers ADHD. As per Dr. Martin Kutscher, a Child Neurologist, the symptoms of the disease include short attention duration, mismanagement, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.

Consumer Reports surveyed 934 parents whose children had ADHD. About 84% of the parents told they had tried medications sometimes while 67% told that the medications worked well for curing ADHD. The parents were also asked about other strategies they employed to cure ADHD. One such strategy was putting children in schools, which helped counter ADHD. Another strategy that was adopted by 37% of the parents was hiring a tutor. Also, parents tried giving a fewer instructions to their children, which also worked for 39% of parents.

The change in the dietary patterns of ADHD-affected patients by the parents also helped in easing the situation for 17% of them. Children were given vitamin supplements. The study also found that those children who were dependant more on western diet are twice more likely to be get affected by ADHD.

The doctors suggest that the parents should take the aid of both medications and other behavioural-altering strategies to cure ADHD.