Autistic Children with Choosy Habits of Eating Have Normal Growth: Study

A new study has suggested that even if kids suffering from autism are very choosy when it comes to eating, they have normal growth, which may not be hindered due to the eating practice.

This study kept a track on 79 kids from the UK who had been suffering from autism spectrum disorders, and almost 13,000 kids without any autistic problems, all aged up to 7.

Researchers could make a notice while conducting the study that kids with ASDs were over and over again tagged to be choosy eaters by their caretakers or parents, however, their standard amount of calorie intake and consumption of necessary nutrients matched with that of the age mates.

The study has been reported in the journal Pediatrics, in which it also states that the two groups’ height and weight did not differ much.

Dr. Pauline Emmett, who is a Senior Research Member at the University of Bristol in the UK, said the conclusions from the reading are quite encouraging, and in general terms informs that parents with kids who have ASDs need not be worried, as their children would not face any growth complications.

But, adding to that information, she said that parents who still may be apprehensive about the growth of their autistic kids must consult their docs.