FDA Panel Votes against Avastin Use for Breast Cancer Cure

In yet another failed trial, Avastin has lost the support of the authorities, following the recommendation of an FDA panel for removing the drug from the market.

The panel observed a 12-1 vote against the drug’s go-ahead for the treatment of breast cancer. However, the voting was seen in context of breast cancer, particularly without altering the recommendations or approval of the drug for treating cancers in colon, lung, brain, or kidney.

In 2008, FDA had given a green signal to the drug for being administered to breast cancer patients along with regular chemotherapy. However, the drug failed to show any advantages on the later trials.

Avastin, with generic name bevacizumab, was being given in a combination with breast cancer drug paclitaxel to the patients suffering metastatic breast cancer.

On Tuesday, Roche subsidiary Genentech, which is the producer of the drug, said that it has provided written justifications to the FDA panel, which shall allow Avastin’s usage in the market.

The final decision of the advisory panel will be put forth as soon as September 17.

Avastin has brought in sales worth $6 billion over the lads one year, being the best sold drug for cancer across the world.