Virgin media to take a step against Project Canvas

Virgin Media plans to take a step against the likes of Ofcom.

The progress made in favour of the release of the multi channel backed online TV platform Project Canvas, will be hampered by the cable TV provider Virgin Media who continues to have a grudge and wouldn't mind lodging a complaint against the controller Ofcom.

And project Canvas is termed as an anti competitive step as understood by Virgin media.

The ant-competitive nature is said to be the basis of the firm's argument against the scheme, which has received a nod by the BBC Trust.

Through the Project Canvas one can increase their viewership of free to view digital TV services, Freeview and Freesat, to a wider audience present online. And to boost the success of the same BBC's iPlayer shall play an important role in having improved broadband connection speeds and offering the connected TV sets.

It might appear that the user gets more options to choose in how they watch TV, but might fuel more competition to the same.