Paralytic with Stroke, Man Demands ‘Consensual Killing’

Tony Nicklinson, a 54- year-old Engineer Executive in the United Arab Emirates demanded from the Director of Public Prosecution to allow his wife to kill him. He is suffering from a serious stroke in which he can only move his head and eyes. Though he is not severely ill and not even suffering from any pain, but his mental anguish on his present state wants him to end his life.

He wants the DPP to issue the proceedings that will be followed if his wife ends his life by giving a toxic injection.

He submitted a statement with the Supreme Court in which he stated that he is fed up with his life. He has got sick of taking a liquid diet, being at home every time and communicating with people using an alphabet board. He wanted to get rid of his paralyzed life, in which he is completely dependent on others even for his small things.

Nicklinson seeks "consensual killing" from the court. He wants the law of ‘right to die’ and if he fails in his move, he would raise his issue in front of the Ministry of Justice.

Such cases are not expected to get any consent by the law, and if the right to die is executed by someone on its own, the law inflicts punishment in the form of life imprisonment.