OpenNotes Initiative for Better Access to Docs’ Notes

There is no doubt that a medical record of a patient belongs to him. Patients are entitled to demand for copies of all those information that health professional enter into their files or keep in their records.

These records that doctors maintain are solely for the purpose that helps doctors to understand the health perils of a patient in a better way and other health professionals can obtain any particular information for offering treatments to the patient.

What in actuality would happen if a patient had an easier access to the notes that his doc maintains?

To answer that question, researchers in Massachusetts have launched a lead program that has been named as OpenNotes Initiative.

The program is likely to provide almost 25,000 patients in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Washington with the opportunity to read the notes that their doctors have prepared via a safe Web portal.

After reading the notes, doctors and patients will require filling up a feedback form, answering questions upon when the project proved as help or when it hurt the most.

Not all of the specialists are happy with this initiative since they are of the view that offering doctors’ notes to the patients will not help them understand their own condition and neither will that be an improvement in the level of communication between a doctor and a patient.

Other apprehension with regards to the initiative is that the notes might just confuse a patient and that would be upsetting for both the doctor as well as the patient.