Google to Stop Sale of Nexus One Smartphone Due to Some Error

Google’s smartphone ‘Nexus One’ is likely to be soon called off the shelves in the United States of America owing to some errors in the phone.

In addition, feeble demand for the phone also led the company to make a decision regarding the discontinuation of the phone’s distribution.

The phone company has not disclosed the number of sold phones up till now. However, the last delivery order has been received by the firm.

Nexus One phones are touchscreen gadgets that are manufactured under the brand name of Google and are powered by Google’s Android operating system.

It was in the month of May that Google declared it would shut down its Web store that sold the handset once all the supplies had been accomplished.

The wind for Google’s Nexus One phone seems to be blowing in the opposite direction if contrasted with the firm’s other phones that run on Google’s Android software.

Motorola Inc.’s new Droid X has outnumbered record sales in Verizon Wireless stores.

Selling Nexus One was a brave act by Google since there was no contract involved and was directly sold to the customers over the Internet.