UK Government postpones universal broadband till 2015

The Conservative-Liberal Democrats coalition government has postponed previous government’s plans for the Digital Britain universal superfast broadband by three years.

The previous Labour government had plans to provide every household in Great Britain with access to 2Mbps broadband, but date for the universal broadband has now been postponed till 2015.

The UK Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, said that lack of funding made it impracticable to bring broadband speed of 2Mbps by 2012.

Apart from the previously set aside £175 million funds from the Digital Switchover project, there are no additional funds to roll out the universal broadband service.

The President of the Country Land & Business Association, William Worsley, said that the delay would seriously affect the growth of rural households and businesses.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Worsley said, "Without universal broadband it will become far harder for rural business to compete effectively with businesses in urban areas, many of which already have access to far faster speeds than 2Mbps."

According to figures released by research firm Point Topic, more than two million UK households are presently unable to get access to broadband speeds of 2Mbps, while a research by previous government showed that around 160,000 households have no access to broadband at all.