Holidaymakers face financial crisis following collapse of Goldtrail

Thousands of British holidaymakers caught up in the Goldtrail crash have been facing financial problem as they have been asked to pay extra money their rooms as hoteliers as their trips will not be compensated by their holiday firm.

The holiday firm Goldtrail, which specializes in holiday trips to Turkey and Greece, collapsed on Friday and left as many as 16,000 holidaymakers stranded abroad.

At one hotel in Marmaris in Turkey, the holidaymakers were threatened with eviction in case they didn’t pay extra money to cover their bills.

A holidaymaker, Ms Kelly, said that she was totally devastated when she realized that they had booked with Goldtrail. She said the holiday firm did not even bother to send them an email.

Speaking on the issue, she added, “We are getting a refund for our accommodation, but have to wait to hear about the flights.”

However, The Civil Aviation Authority has assured holidaymakers that it would help them cover their hotel bills by its ATOL emergency scheme and that they would not be left stranded abroad.