More Cancer Cases in People Living Near Toxic Dump in Melbourne

People, residing in the areas that are near poisonous waste dumping place at Tullamarine in Melbourne’s northwest have stated that the cases of people suffering from cancer has elevated by eight times since the Victorian Age.

The Tullamarine Community Group has come out with its second edition on health report describing the kind of impact that the Tullamarine Hazardous Waste Landfill has had upon the people living in the region.

The Western Region Environment Centre has collected data and compiled the information.

The State Government and the Environment Protection Authority, which is the body responsible for keeping a check on the site, did not give any importance to the pleas of people and kept on ignoring the matter.

It was in 2008 that the site, which would process residential and industrial chemicals, had been closed.

An additional reading that was released in the month of May was able to find that 74 people living within the range of four kilometres of the site were diagnosed with cancer.

Also, the suburbs that have been affected are Tullamarine, Westmeadows and Gladstone Park.

Inhabitant, Helen van den Berg said that there are numerous problems that people are facing in the region however, cancer seems to have grasped a major proportion of people’s lives, causing troubles for a lot of them.