West Nile Infects Two in California

Most of the regions in California are reporting an increased rate of mosquito breeding, which have triggered concerns over the spread of deadly viruses like West Nile.

The West Nile, in human beings, typically affects the functioning of the immune system; rendering the body damaged and it may prove to be fatal in most of the cases.

Two West Nile infections have been reported in the region among women last Friday. On a good note, it has been affirmed that both of them are recovering from the infection.

The virus had originally been found in Africa, from where it moved to America. As the virus-laden mosquitoes bite the human beings, the infection takes place.

The onset of the disease takes place in about 12 days when it starts to show the symptoms.

The infection can be observed in people from all age groups, however, the most prone to the virus are the people aged above 50 years.

The key symptoms of the disease are headache, swollen lymph nodes and minor fever.

In the most complex situations, the virus affects the brain and the spinal cord. It may also lead to memory loss or paralysis.