Massachusetts Beaches Directed for Reopening

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, which had shut down most of the beaches in the region fearing water contamination, has now directed to reopen them.

The reopening of these beaches has been observed in the wake of heat waves hitting the region. The officials had detected the presence of Enterococci bacteria, which originates from sewage and other fecal matter that enters the water bodies after the onset of rains.

Spokeswoman for the DCR, Wendy Fox, assured that all the beaches are free from the danger now, and they have been reopened for swimmers.

“We can’t close the ocean. The lifeguards urge people to stay out of the water, but if people insist, they can go. Usually they don’t”, she said.

The officials said that those who want to gather updates on the shutting and reopening of the beaches, can make a call on the Massachusetts helpline number 617-626-4972 or they can simply access Department of Public Health’s site.

In another development, Mayor Thomas M. Menino released an order seeking the opening of those swimming pools, which are generally kept closed on Sundays.

He said that the pools will be kept open till 8 p. m. every day.