Steam to Offer Free Downloading of Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm will be released tomorrow and one can download it from Steam, free of cost. The game is a top-down four- player arcade shooter, which is based on an unreal tournament 2004. Steam is the online distribution portal of Valve.

The Washington based developer; Kirkland has added one more game to its list of the 2010 releases.

The game is a 3D shooter, which provides the opportunity of single and multiplayer action both.

Te game will add the person with the three other players for an alien shoot out. There are 40 weapons and equipments in the game. All the eight characters in the game will have four classes. One has to play the game in order to have the 64 achievements.

Players will have to select an IAF Marine class in order to get the achievements unlocked. The game is based on the icy surface, underground and lava-rich mining.

A team of mods had set up the original mod.

Valve will offer the complete code of the Alien Swarm, which will also available free of cost.