Mozilla Hiked Up its Rewards for Security Researchers

Mozilla has decided to hike up the amount from US$500 to $3,000 that it will pay to the security researchers for keeping its information secure on a number of its web based products. It’s a part of the Company’s Security Bug Bounty Program, which was initiated in 2004.

Lucas Adamski, Director of Security Engineering told in a blog spot that the move has been made to make the security providers more sustainable with enough resources. To keep the users safe, it is a wise step, as it will enable the researchers to provide better safety and to decide what information to share or not.

Another major move by Mozilla is its step ahead in its reward program, which will be applicable to its products on web such as Firefox and the Thunderbird e-mail client, Firefox mobile browser, Release and beta products and other services the products are dependent upon.

Such bounties have earlier also been paid by the Company to boost up its services. But, if it found any of its researchers misbehaving in context of the security of the user, the reward can be declined.

The other components of the reward program have not been disclosed, yet. However, the bounty for the researchers will be continued.