WikiLeaks Getting Huge Quantity of Whistle-Blower Disclosures

The website Wikileaks. org, which had revealed the secret video of the U. S airstrike, is receiving huge quantities of whistle-blower disclosures.

"We are overwhelmed by our growth" and the site can't keep up with the volume of the new material because it doesn't have enough people to verify it”, said Julian Assange, the Founder of the site at the TED Global conference.

He also told the reporters that they have many things that are extremely sensational. Assange said that the whistle-blowers send their material to release on the website in number of ways, which also includes postal mail.

After receiving the material, the website scrutinizes it carefully and then releases it to the public. After that, the defending work starts, as they also have to face the critics for that sensitive material.

It is very rare that the organization knows the identity of source that sends them material, if by any chance they come to know about it, they destroy it immediately.

Assange stated at the news conference that Wikileaks is providing legal support to Manning, who has been accused for illegally transferring the classified data of the U. S.

Manning was charged, as he had wrongfully introduced the classified video of military operation near Baghdad on his personal computer, which was not the safe system for storing that data.