Jobs Backs the Antenna Design of iPhone 4, Blames Media for Defamation

In order to white wash its recently emerged maligning image, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced that all the customers will be offered free bumpers with all iPhone4 devices. This announcement was made during a press conference that Apple called on Friday. Another topic of discussion in the conference was that the antenna problem, which is common in all smartphones.

The press conference was surprisingly 90 minutes long and the Company shared that the reception matters were disturbing entire smartphone industry including Research in Motion, Samsung and HTC.

Explaining the problem further Steve Jobs said that there is nothing wrong with the design of the handset and proposed that all the customers will be given phone cases, so that they can address the reception complaints, which resulted in a spoiled image that is presently associated with Apple Inc.

Following its June 24 launch, there were reports that highlighted the reception problem in the phone, if it was held in a specific manner. After this, the problem was termed as "iPhone 4 death grip."

Jobs also argued that iPhone 4's “wraparound antenna design” is not the reason for the reception problems and that media is responsible for bringing down the long established and positive image of the Company.

The conference was attended by reporters and analysts and was held at the Apple's Silicon Valley headquarters.