Police Starts Investigation in Alleged Rape

An investigation has been started by the police into the alleged rape of a female patient by another male patient in Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital. Police have confirmed that they have started their investigation after getting a complaint.

The woman told the police that she was raped by the man while she was passing a hallway. She claimed that the man grabbed her and forcibly pushed her into a bathroom and raped her there. The woman told that the incident took place on May 15.

But, the police are not are not revealing any more details and have admitted that investigation has already been started in this case. They have also issued a subpoena in order to obtain medical records from the Princess Alexandra Hospital. It is also known that police have already talked to a male patient but no charges have been laid and any arrests have not been made, till now.

The rape victim’s mother has already confirmed that she received a call from the hospital authorities on the night of May 15, when the alleged rape took place. Her daughter was reported to be missing by the hospital authorities on that night.

The girl was not found even after one hour, after her mother received a call from the hospital. A nurse had also told the woman that the girl was feeling scared of a male patient, who was then removed from the ward.