NHS Reforms Threatens the Stability of UK Medical System

Professor Kieran Walshe, a renowned academic in health policy and management at Manchester Business School, published a report in the British Medical Journal, warning the National Health Service (NHS) that the reforms recently introduced by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley might be too hasty.

Professor Walshe reminded the Government and the NHS that it promised a low-pace organisation of the health care system, while in reality, radical reformations have been put into consideration. What is more disturbing is that not all the politicians and the NHS members are approving on these reformations.

Although, not directly benefiting the patients and even the outcome would not be recognizable for the UK public, the changes offered by the Health Secretary, aim on giving the General Practitioner Surgeons more space to help patients and less sufferance with the bureaucrats. This way, Primary Care Trusts will have less authority on the medical system in UK, with GPs controlling all the facilities provided by this health care system.

However, the £3bn cost of these reforms might surpass the State’s budget, leading to more troubles, states Professor Walshe.

Professor Walshe added, “The white paper, written at breakneck speed in about six weeks, is long on rhetoric but short on detail and specifics".