NY Officials Detect Virus Breeding in Mosquitoes

Federal Health Department found the mosquitoes in New York showing a positive result when tested against the deadly virus.

A spokeswoman for Clarke, the Company producing mosquito and pests control solutions, said that the mosquitoes have been recognized as one of the most devastating forms of insects, which can affect the human beings.

The detection of the virus in New York has been spotted for the first time in the present season. On a relaxing note, none of the cases of infection have been reported, as yet.

The most feared form of the virus developing in the mosquitoes is the West Nile virus, which can prove to be fatal. The number of deaths caused by the virus in Alabama has been the highest till date.

“If we found a dead bird in your parking lot, we would not be surprised if it tested positive for West Nile”, said Jim Hollins Jr., Director Department of Public Health.

The healthcare officials in different parts of the nation said that they will direct the preventive measures like insecticide spraying from the next week.

Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City Health Commissioner, said that standing water is the perfect breeding atmosphere for the virus in the mosquitoes.