Research Work Suspended at N.Y. Brain Lab

Suspended research at The Kreitchman PET Center in Manhattan, a brain imaging lab in Columbia University Center have raised the concerns of researchers, that people now won’t be able to take part in the important brain imaging studies. The Columbia investigation authorities had reported to the Food and Drug Administration about the poor manufacturing process in the lab.

Therefore, research in lab has been stopped due to the concerns that the careless practices could have worsened consequences. The suspension of the research in this lab would affect the related studies conducted throughout the nation.

"It undermines the trust implicit between research participants and investigators”, said Dr. E. Ray Dorsey, an Assistant Professor of Neurology at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York.

Federal Officials have found in their research that the lab had broken the safety rules, which could be very fatal for the patients. The Pet center has also confessed that it did not maintain the proper process for producing radioactive substances. These radioactive substances are injected in patients and also to keep the sub- par record.

The chemicals used in the lab are also up to the purity level required for such medical practices, especially for the people with some kind of a mental disorder.

The Columbia University has released a statement on Saturday, which said that no patient was affected due to the alleged shoddy practices in the lab.

The New York Times has reported about the halt in the research at this lab.