FDA to Consider the Approval of Avastin

According to a recent report, the Food and Drug Administration of America has raised a doubt over the effectiveness of the drug Avastin. The drug is used for the treatment of breast cancer, brain cancers and also lung and colon tumors. The drug is extensively marketed in the country by Roche Holding.

Avastin is manufactured by the Genentech unit of the Company, which is situated in South San Francisco.

The FDA had reportedly conducted an investigation into the drug and found out that there were no prominent benefits of drug, when it was used for women, who were undergoing chemotherapy, as compared to women, who did not consume the drug and only underwent chemotherapy.

The body also found out that the adverse effects of the drug were more detrimental than was assumed earlier.

The FDA disclosed that the relation of the risk versus benefit together with the average chemotherapy schedules was not positive.

With this development the shares of the Company plummeted by 4.2% on Friday.

Last week, the FDA had revealed that its officials will re-evaluate whether to give their nod to the marketing of the drug, which has registered record sales in the country, in a meeting on Tuesday.