Google to Sell the Last Shipment of HTC Nexus One

The search giant, Google, declared that it has got the final consignment of the HTC Nexus One smartphones. Google has revealed that these devices will be the last set of smartphones that will be marketed on its website.

HTC Nexus One was a superphone .The basic features of superphones are touchscreens, which have a width of 3.3 inch or more and have are multitouch sensitive, processors of 1GHz and cameras having high megapixels.

In May, the Company had said that it will not sell the product any longer because the people are no longer interested in the set.

Android developers will also sell the products online.

The Company will now offer the device for sale at other locations. The carrier associates in Europe and Asia will continue to sell the phones.

The Android Smartphone was launched six months ago.

These days, different smartphones are available in the market and each smartphone has something more to offer than the other one. Therefore, the sales of the product have declined considerably in the wake of tough competition.

The first generation Android devices have single-touch screens, 528MHz processors and 3-5megapixel cameras.

Now, advanced superphones with Android 2.2 are also available.