Motorola Droid X Selling Like Hot Cakes

The sales of the recently launched Motorola Droid X have increased significantly and Verizon has mentioned in its website that they have run out of the stocks of the phone.

A spokeswoman of Verizon disclosed in a statement that the consumers have displayed great excitement for the Motorola Droid X and the supplies have become low or exhausted in some stores in the country.

She revealed that the phone will be shipped by July 23, so the people can continue placing their orders for the phone.

The display of the phone is 4.3 inch wide and the camera is 8 megapixels and also has a dual LED flash. Other features of the phone include a 1GHz processor and an Android 2.1.

Droid X is an Android phone priced at $200 after a $100 discount, which has been offered by Verizon on its site.

The stores ware not offering a $100 discount straightaway but the customers will get it through a mail-in rebate.

Also, some reports cautioned the customers on Thursday that if the phone is rooted then it would be of no use. This would happen because the device has an encrypted bootloader installed in it.